The Formula Ford 1600 is powered by the famous 1600cc Kent engine and is arguably the most successful single-seater racing category ever conceived. Formula Ford 1600 quickly became popular after its inception in 1967. Aerodynamic aids (wings) are not allowed..The Formula Ford 1600 has profile tyres no aerofoil and according Technical Regulations Dutch/EFDA Club Book 1980/1981. Also in this class is accommodated the Formula Vee 1300cc double carburettor with slick tyres and according Technical Regulations Formel V. Europe e.v. 1977, and Formula Junior until 1963.

– Formula Ford 1600 t/m 1981
– Formula Vee 2 carb t/m 1977
– Formula Junior – (drum brakes) t/m 1963

– must have a flat bottom;
– cars with ground effect are not allowed to participate.

Eligible cars according the FIA Appendix “J”1981 article 277 (F. Libre/National – F. e)