The Formula Ford 2000 began in 1975 and began very popular in Europe in 1976. Engineers has started looking for ways to take the Formula Ford to the next level and succeeded in the 70’s, by putting wings and slicks on the Formula Ford chassis accompanied by a larger 2.0L Ford Pinto engine, built by Ford Europe. It became the big brother of the Formula Ford 1600 and got the name Formula Ford 2000 or Super Ford.  And once again it proved to be quite popular. The Formula Ford 2000 has wings and slicks and according Technical Regulations Dutch/EFDA Club Book FF 1980/1981. Also in this class is accommodated the Formula Super Vee 1600cc (Super Vee air-cooled) according Technical Regulations Formel Super Vee (air) 1975.

– Formula Ford 2000 t/m 1981

– must have a flat bottom;
– cars with ground effect are not allowed to participate.

Eligible cars according the FIA Appendix “J”1981 article 277 (F. Libre/National – F. e)