The Formula Vee 1300cc single carburettor is the smallest class within the HMR. When Formula Vee was established, it was designed as the learning class of motor racing. As the sport grew, the formula quickly established itself as a popular form of racing worldwide. Formula Vee its history goes back to 1959 at the request of Volkswagen dealers. The first ones had a 1200 cc engine, gearbox and suspension – all courtesy of the Volkswagen Beetle. The transmission is a VW Type 1 four-speed gearbox with a set of VW ratios. The body is fiberglass and the chassis is a tube frame. The Formula Vee 1300 single carburettor, profile tyres and according Technical Regulations Formel V. Europe e.v. 1971.

– Formula Vee t/m 1971

– must have a flat bottom;
– cars with ground effect are not allowed to participate.

Eligible cars according the FIA Appendix “J”1981 article 277 (F. Libre/National – F. e)